About Us

About the Podcast

Dento and The Robot is a podcast featuring two young adults discussing what it’s like to try and become an adult. We discuss a new theme such as travel or competition,each week and tie it back to something we’ve learned about adulthood and any advice we have for our unborn children.

The blog side of our website will mostly focus on what we are up to at the time, but generally we talk about self-improvement and reflection, funny stories from our lives, interesting technology, and pop-culture. The blog serves as a chance for us to share our thoughts with our audience, and most importantly as a chance for our audience to share their thoughts with us!



Hey folks! I’ve always felt incredibly self-conscious talking about myself, but I also realize that most good sites have an “about us” page, so I figured I would write a short/non self-aggrandizing version. I grew up in the Philippines playing Rugby and Baseball, and running track/ pretending I could throw the javelin. I moved to Eastern Washington my freshman year to study creative writing and secondary education at Gonzaga University. I graduated in 2012 and since then I’ve been working as a freelance writer for Fuels & Lube Asia, and substitute teaching in the Spokane School District.

This was me reading my work at an open mic.

This was me reading my work at an open mic.

I decided to start a podcast after a conversation I had with my best friend, Gedo (The Robot). We realized that we hadn’t talked in six months, and that living on opposite sides of the country was not a good excuse to lose touch. We also realized that we were trying to navigate our way through the adult world, and thus Dento and The Robot was born.

I am currently writing a novel from the perspective of the voice in someone’s head, and I plan to have the first draft done by the end of this year.

I also enjoy adventure races, minus the part about being attacked by large shirtless men.

I also eat a lot of eggs

I also eat a lot of eggs


The Robot/Roger

Roger (Gedo/The Robot) Maranan is currently working in Boston for GrabCAD, doing things that many of us can’t understand. He probably prints things in 3D.


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