What better way to support your favorite podcasters than to buy their books!

Currently we only have one novel, Second Thoughts out. Buy it either in ebook or paperback and enjoy the awesomeness!

Since we’re always busy here at Dento and The Robot, here are our upcoming projects.

Emergence: A space opera told from the perspective of a documentary crew. Emergence is about what happens when humanity fucks up by accidentally killing another sentient species– Kaylee and Booker set out to document how we made such a colossal mistake, and along the way they come across conspiracies, adventure, and all sorts of interesting characters.

Outcast: A young adult novel set in a future where technology has taken over, for better or worse. The novel follows Sarah Atman as she discovers her role in a battle as old as time.

Outcast, a history: this is a one-off “textbook” that delves into the rich and complex world of Outcast. This will be a free ebook that will help you gain an appreciation for Outcast.


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