Friends of the Show

Howdy folks, we here at Dento and The Robot are always interested in growing our show and helping other podcasters do the same. So here is a page where you can check out shows we like/support/ would like to have babies with. Just click on their pictures to go to the site!





I of course need to mentioned the show I do with my girlfriend where we discuss issues surrounding gender equality. And argue, we also argue.





J&K After Dark is a great show that also covers weird news and general goings on! According to their site, J&K  is a fast-paced two person podcast with a humorous outlook on odd/weird/strange world topics!






sad clown

Sad Clown is a show that is primarily about movies, and we’ve even had on of their hosts on the show! Check it out, and don’t worry about any clowns attacking you– they’re too sad.



everything sounds

Everything Sounds is a fascinating and educational show that talks about, you guessed it, sound! It’s very professionally done and I would highly recommend this show to anyone (it’s safe for work too!)




Emerald Dream is a great show about World of Warcraft, and I don’t even play the game! Somehow the hosts manage to make the show interesting to someone with absolutely no WOW experience.




reaction podcast

The Podcast where we react to podcasts. A breakdown of the weekly podcasting scene hosted by Matt Diegan (Mattou) & Beau Diegan (Beauthesius). Podcasts are released weekly over the weekend




In their own words, TFC is a podcast started by the three “British Beauties” Matty, Waggy and Phil, receivers of an A* in Food Technology, an A in Resistant Materials, and a C in Other Studies and Playgroup, respectively. Now, in what our employers are already calling “a breach of contract,” we’ve grown the site to house five more podcasts, and started calling it a network. Because who’s going to stop us? You? Don’t make me laugh, puny babby.




Two friends ‘casting about pop-culture, high-culture, and no-culture. And making fun of everything in between.


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